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Please verify the following prior to submitting a request:


​Electrical Outlets
- Did you reset the GFCI that is protecting that outlet?
- Did you reset the breaker in the main breaker panel?

Furnace or Air Conditioner
- Have you changed the filter in the last 30-60 days?
- Is the thermostat programmed properly?
- Are the batteries in the thermostat working?
- Is the thermostat turned to heat or cool?
- Most importantly, is the utility bill in good standing?

- We do not carry a warranty for any appliances. Please see your owner's packet, or contact your property manager to contact the manufacturer's approved appliance repair company. 

Garbage Disposal
- If the disposal is making any noise, it is most likely blocked by an object. The repair of this is not included in any warranty. Please contact a trusted professional plumber to correct this. If we send a repair company, a charge will be sent. 
- If the disposal is making no sound when turned on, please check the power cord under the sink before submitting.
- After clearing a blockage, the red reset button on the bottom of the motor may need to be pushed.

Garage Doors
​- If the garage door will open but not close, something is either blocking the photo eyes or they have been moved. Please check the alignment. If a technician is sent to re-align the eyes, a service charge will be issued. 

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