In Germany, where many on our team have an ancestral home, Vollkommen means complete, absolute, ideal, perfect. We are Vollkommen because that is what we strive to deliver for our clients every day; perfection, and nothing less. Founded in 1998, Vollkommen earned a reputation for quality and commitment while building high-end custom homes in Utah's premier neighborhoods. By 2012, our passion for serving high-value clients led us to co-found FIG (Fourplex Investment Group) to serve the needs of real estate investors, large and small. 

Today, our pursuit of perfection for our clients has led us to recently being named as the number one home builder in the state of Utah by Construction Monitor, and it doesn't end there. With projects across the country, Vollkommen builds in growing markets where our clients love to invest, wherever it may be.


Our management team is composed of leaders from across the industry, bringing expertise in land acquisition, development, property management, investment solutions, and of course, construction. These decades of combined experience are utilized to create an environment that empowers team members, engages subcontractors and suppliers, and connects clients to ensure a clear and smooth delivery every project, every time.

Multi-Family Development and Construction

We are the leader in multi-family construction. With projects from Provo to Ogden and beyond, we understand what investors need; a beautiful, reliable unit that will attract the right tenants at the right price to ensure a sizable return. That's why we use the most advanced scheduling, budgeting, and tracking programs the industry has to offer. 


Our expertise in multi-family doesn't end with townhomes. Being the leader in multi-family means being able to serve our clients' needs no matter the size or scope. 

Custom Homes

In addition to our expertise in all things multi-family, we have also built some of the most beautiful custom homes in the area, including several homes in the ultra-luxurious Stone Gate neighborhood in Provo.

Quality Assurance

About Vollkommen

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Our Promise

Our award-winning sales team is home to the highest producing RE/MAX agent in the state since 2012, and the sixth highest producing RE/MAX agent in the world. Our partnership in FIG means our clients have the very best the industry has to offer at their fingertips.

Our commitment to our client doesn't end when we give them the keys. Instead, our passion to provide perfection drives our commitment to resolving any concerns they may have long after their tenants move in, and to do it quickly. Making this happen requires the right people and resources, and Vollkommen has both. 


Our Services

The efficiency by which we are able to deliver vast quantities of buildings is nearly unparalleled in the industry thanks to the dedicated craftsmen that pour their passion into each building they are over. Armed with the latest resources in the industry, our construction management team provides real-time updates to our subs, suppliers, and clients with the swipe of a finger, allowing more time to stay on schedule and to focus on the small but crucial details.



Our work is good. We promise. And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done.